can we do lunch?


I just got back from leading our Fall ESCAPE and I wanted to share with you a behind the scenes peak of one of my favorite things to teach on our retreats – LUNCH!

Lunch on the ESCAPE is a sacred experience that I’ve specifically designed to clear out compulsion, untangle your physical hunger from emotional hunger so you are clear on how to nourish yourself, and re-connect you to knowing when you’re physically satiated. 

But simply knowing when you’re full isn’t enough, you gotta practice it!

Which is why I love our ESCAPE lunches together so much because I’ve already cleared out the distractions and excuses that you keep bumping up against at home. Our lunch together is the perfect place to practice peace with food!

And let’s not forget the following secret ingredients only available at the ESCAPE to really up the healing ante: compassion, community, support and (my favorite) SILENCE.

Yep, every lunch on our ESCAPE retreat is experienced in complete silence.

Because it is in the quiet silence during the sacred act of nourishing yourself that you come to learn how to trust yourself.

I hope sharing this with you inspires you to approach your lunch this week a little bit differently. 🙂

With love,

PS. If you feel called to join us on one of our upcoming ESCAPE retreats, my door is open! Simply fill out this application so we can set up a time to connect and explore this healing opportunity more deeply.

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