A Juicy Secret To Get You Through The Holidays

Don’t be alarmed that the convo here has started to shift to talk about the holidays. I want to make sure you’ve got tricks in your back pocket to prevent you from a continual downward spiral until Jan 1. That’s why today we’re talking about our good friend, willpower. I hear a lot of women…

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3 Ways To Jumpstart Your Post-Holiday Detox

Today is the first official J-ciniTV episode of 2014 and I’m THRILLED to share it with you. As you can see, the LYS team and I have been working like mighty little mice through a huge makeover and we’ve got such a pretty new playground to Laugh Ourselves Skinny in! After you watch today’s episode,…

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2 Easy Tricks to Survive a Food Coma

2 Easy Tricks to Survive a Food Coma - at JessicaProcini.com

Ever eat so much on Thanksgiving that you want to curl up on the couch and take a nap? Napping after consuming your daily allotment of calories in one sitting is a TERRIBLE IDEA as your body will just pack it away turning your belly, butt and thighs into jiggly-wiggly flab. Instead of slowly sinking…

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