A Juicy Secret To Get You Through The Holidays

Don’t be alarmed that the convo here has started to shift to talk about the holidays.

I want to make sure you’ve got tricks in your back pocket to prevent you from a continual downward spiral until Jan 1.

That’s why today we’re talking about our good friend, willpower.

I hear a lot of women reaching for it when they start to fall off track.

“I do well until the weekend…That’s when I lose my willpower”

“I couldn’t have just 1 brownie. It’s like I have no willpower”

The truth is, holding onto or finding more willpower is a twisted sacrificial way of getting yourself to follow through that never works in the long run.

In today’s episode of J-Cini TV we’ll get this all straightened out so you have exactly what you need to stay on track this holiday season, or every day for that matter.

This was a huge game changer for me and I am confident it will be for you too.

And it’s a way more fun way of doing things:

Remember: keep moving forward towards your goals- you can do this! Stay committed. No. Matter. What.

Love, health & laughter,


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