2 middle fingers way up to the patriarchy

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

This is really important, so please read from top to bottom, ok? 

Back when I started my own personal journey of healing my emotional eating, I saw firsthand how sick and twisted my relationship with my hunger was

I have memories of being a ravenous child… like asking for double the homework so I could get ahead in school 🤣 and how innocent my physical hunger was after swimming in the ocean like a mermaid for hours. 🧜🏻‍♀️ 😇

Then, as I got older, I remember my hunger was entirely squelched out of me.

I remember learning (from diet culture and other sources) that being hungry was bad. It was a sign that I was weak.

I remember being criticized for my preferences, repeatedly hearing that I was “high maintenance” or that I was “too much” – ultimately believing I was a burden to others

I remember being ridiculed, judged, and shamed over and over again. 

Unable to cope, I learned that it was safer to “disappear” by not having any hunger (physically) or desires.

Because if I didn’t admit what I wanted, I would never have to feel shame or guilt… I’d never have to be rejected or ridiculed… I’d never have to feel any of it.

Looking back, I can see how resisting and severing all forms of my hunger – whether it was physical hunger to feed my body or emotional hunger, like a yearning in my soul – was just the beginning of losing touch with myself.

Now from healing my own relationship with food and helping others do the same for the last 11+ years, I know I’m not the only one who has their wires crossed with it comes to our relationship with hunger, desires, and yearning. 

Because we, as women, in this patriarchal society, have been groomed to deny our hunger, defer our needs, and never, ever admit what we truly want.  

But here, at Escape From Emotional Eating, we give 2 middle fingers up to the patriarchy by getting back in touch with ourselves

First, I support you in getting back in touch with your physical hunger and learning to honor it – no more shame, guilt, or fear. It seems simple, but there’s usually a lot to untangle. 

Then you’ll reunite with your emotional body by learning the language of your emotional hunger and how to nourish your needs instead of numbing them.

While on the surface, our work together is one of coming back into alignment with your body and food, on the inside, this is a life-changing process of coming back into integrity with your true, authentic self

If you’re ready to get back in touch with yourself and heal all the ways you’ve been denying, deferring, and resisting your needs, so you embody your authentic selfclick here and apply now.

Our world needs more women who honor their hunger for change. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. Here is what one of my clients is saying:

Testimonial | Escape From Emotional Eating

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