the 1st step to stop stress eating

Do you feel like your brain is wired to use food to soothe your stress?

This is why one of our foundational teachings for us as stress eaters is all about untangling your physical hunger and emotional hunger. 

This is all about uncrossing your wires so you can freely feed your body and honor when you are physically full. 

Then you’ll more deeply understand how to nourish yourself emotionally, because your soul isn’t truly fed by food.

From here, food returns to being fuel and your soul springs back to life! YAY!

One of my Escape Retreat attendees described this transformation best when she said, “It’s like something finally clicked! I’m able to eat one of something instead of handfuls!”

This teaching is such an important first step that I teach it in all of our programs, retreats and workshops.

And there are a number of opportunities for you learn how to uncross your wires with food coming up so pick which one works best for you:

-> In the Philadelphia Area? Our next workshop near you is Wednesday, Sept 19 – Click here to reserve your spot!

-> In the New York City Area? Our next workshop near you is Saturday, Sept 22 – Click here to reserve your spot!

-> Not local or can’t make those dates? Then click here now to submit your application for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session so we can connect one-on-one and explore the other options available to heal your emotional eating.

There’s an abundance of support available for you here at Escape From Emotional Eating, (after all, that’s my commitment to you 😉 ).

Be open to receive.
Be open to support.

Be open to being free from food.

With love,


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