Becoming Fractured

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Here’s the truth…

When you emotionally eat, everything in your life has a fraction of your availability.

You are distracted. Fractured. Not really living.

I know this intimately because I used to emotionally eat. I was wasting my brilliance by ignoring what needed to be transformed.

Today, I invite you to go inward and answer this for yourself:

What could you create if you stopped emotionally eating? 

A better marriage

A new job that’s actually fulfilling

Financial security and freedom

Pursuing your passions

Sharing your talents

Writing a book

Mothering your kids like a she-wolf

Honestly, what could you create if you stopped emotionally eating?

We live in a society that demands that women ignore their needs and defer their desires.

Emotional eating perpetuates that by keeping you out of touch with what you truly know and feel.

It’s time to stop wasting your brilliance.

It’s time to stop ignoring what needs to be transformed.

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In service to your freedom,

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