Start the Day with a Grateful Heart

How to be Happy!

After a Laugh Yourself Skinny session with me, my clients will often report how I always make them feel lighter, calmer and peaceful…like this losing weight thing is tooootally doable. Other people have even gone as far to say that I’m like a beam of sunshine.

Which totally makes sense because I spend the first moments of my day working a secret tool I have to make sure I’m “little miss sunshine” everyday.

Because what I’ve realized is that the happier I am, the better I feel in my body…and the more sh*t I get done during the day.

After all, when you feel good, you look good. And you’ve got to be happy to do good work.

Most people assume that happy people have easy lives. Saying, “oh, she’s got it so easy. I’ll never have that”,  justifying their poopy mood.

Well my friend, as a woman these days, no ones life is easy.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy!

And like we talked about in last weeks J-ciniTV episode, your thoughts manifest in your body.

Feelin’ good? Your body will feel light, tight and sexy.
Feelin’ poopy? You body will feel bloated, heavy and stressed.

So wanna know my secret to staying happy amongst the sh*t sandwiches life hands us?

It’s in this weeks episode of J-ciniTV!

Pull up a chair and join me on the couch to get this simple secret to feeling light as a feather all the time:

So let’s put this practice into action ASAP so happy days can be here again. Remember happy = healthy!

For this week’s coach’s challenge,  name one thing you’re grateful for and place it in the comments below. I know you’ve got tons to be grateful for so feel free to add in more than one!

And let’s bask in all the happiness it brings!

Love, health & laughter!

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