Riddle Time

J-CiniTV Riddle Time!

Ever lose a bunch a weight only to gain it back a few months or years later?

It’s like whatever you were doing stopped working and the pounds slowly start to come back. Your belly starts to feel a little bit flabbier until that dreadful day when you can’t zip your pants.

And there you are back at square one. AGAIN.

Which hurls you back into the dieting cycle…the search for the next, newest answer that’ll help you get your body back.

The good news is that there’s a big reason behind what starts this endless cycle…And I’m gonna tell you it!

In today’s episode of J-ciniTV, I spill the beans on what’s causing you to gain all your weight back and how to avoid the slingshot back into a head full of weight loss worries.

Go here to find out:

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