My intuition has become my ultimate superpower

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Last week in honor of my birthday and being a contributing author to my mentor’s book DIFFERENT, I asked you to guess which of these Top 3 Highly Sensitive Strengths you think is my tippy top #1 strongest inner strength

A. I am very intuitive.
B. I am highly aware of subtleties in my environment and of other people’s needs. 
C. I am visionary and able to imagine possibilities. 

Thank you so much for playing along with me! It was so fun to receive your guesses. 

As I shared last week, I possess ALL of these strengths (as does every person who is Highly Sensitive – we are literally born with these strengths. But learning how to use them effectively is a whole other kit and caboodle. More on that later in this email). 

But there is one strength that has always been front and center for me, all 37 years I’ve been on this planet. 

And the answer is… 


I can confidently say that because I have healed my emotional eating and, therefore, no longer drowning or denying my feelings, senses, and intuitive messages, my intuition has become razor sharp

And because I have been deeply committed to training my Highly Sensitive Nervous System to work FOR me, rather than against me, my intuition has become my ultimate superpower.

One simple example of its major part in my work is when I receive someone’s Discovery Session Application

While my human body is physically reading the valuable information they share with me… my intuitive body reads “beyond the words.” 

I make notes of what’s coming through my review, and if I have a sense there’s more for us to explore, we’ll get something on the calendar to connect for that further discovery. 

In our Discovery Process together, my intuition is (once again!) front and center. 

I do not use a script or have specific questions I check off. No. 

Instead, I literally fully and completely surrender to my intuition. 

To this day, this is why Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Sessions are so unique compared to other coaching support out there. And it’s what makes them so transformative for all those who experience them. 

I love them too – because what reveals itself is always above and beyond what our human minds can see. 

What’s also really been interesting is that even after we complete our zoom connection, my intuition is usually STILL sharing insights and inklings about our conversation, which I’ll capture and share with the person when applicable and appropriate. 

In typing this out and sharing it with you, I realize that I don’t think I’ve ever shared the intricacies of how I use my intuition in this way ever before. 

I also realize this is not how most people do business – haha!  

In the past, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable sharing such intricate details of my process… but having done this work for almost 12 years and really honing how I use my intuition to support me and my work for 9 of those years… I’ve had so many clients tell me things like, “You’re able to see things for me that I can’t see for myself” and “This is why I love working with you.” 

There are SO many more ways I use my intuition in my business and my personal life too. What I shared here is just one example.

My intuition is my ever-present, ever-constant, guiding light and inner compass.

It’s something that comes so naturally to me and I feel SO grateful that I get to use it in the way that I do in my work with my clients… because it makes everything feel so fun and magical. ✨

Does that mean everything is always rainbows and butterflies over here? 

Absolutely not. I am human. And I do have moments of resisting it too. 

But what I’ve found is that as my intuition has grown into that constant compass… even in the darkest, hardest, down-on-my-knees moments in business AND life…it is the golden thread of my intuition that guides me. 

Having shared my personal experience here, I have to ask you: 

(1) Where in your life are you meant to listen, honor, and trust your intuition even more

(go with whatever answer comes to you 😊) 

(2) As a woman who strives for excellence, how would your HEALTH change (physically, mentally, and emotionally) by allowing your intuition to be honored and followed even more? 

Think about it. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. In my last email, I mentioned that the first person to guess my strength correctly will WIN a free copy of the e-book DIFFERENT! 🎁 🦋 

Well, it turns out I pulled a few strings (because you are part of my inner circle), and Heather has granted my special request that ALL who submitted a guess will WIN a free copy of the e-book DIFFERENT! YAY! CONGRATS! 🎉

P.P.S. If you missed the opportunity to play the game with us, you can still grab yourself a copy of the book DIFFERENT right here.  (Be sure to turn to page 111 for my contribution to the book! 🎉🎉

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