top 3 gluten free beers

My top 3 gluten-free beers

I’m not much of a beer drinker. But every once in a while, at a baseball game or like this 4th of July, I’ll want an ice-cold beer.

But my digestion is super sensitive and my body can’t handle a lot of gluten without paying a price ;-P

Now I have to be honest… a lot of gluten-free beers taste like crap or are super high in sugar (more than a king size snickers!).

No thanks!

So today, I wanna share with you my top 3 gluten-free beers that aren’t half bad!

Just FYI: I’m not being paid or endorsed to share any of this with you. This is from my own personal experience and many, many trips to the craft beer store with Zach and over time trying every gluten-free option they had. : )

I hope this will support you in finding an adult beverage you actually enjoy without your body or weight getting out of control.

Much love & I hope you have a safe, relaxing 4th of July!


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