Overcoming emotional eating

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

I wrote you a poem. I’m calling it, “Caring For Your Inner Kid” 

Here we go…[nervously clears throat]

There is a little kid that lives inside all of us,
When times get tough, she’s the control freak who wants to drive the bus. 

Little girl, can’t you see your head is in such a swirl? 
If you were to drive this bus, surely we’d all hurl! 

So she kicks, she screams, she pitches a chaotic fit,
It’s not food that she wants, definitely not the kind that makes her sh*t!

It’s your time, your attention, and your love for which she yearns, 
That’s why, dear, your heart…it burns. 

It’s ok if you don’t know how to care for her today, 
The first step, sometimes, is going within to say, “hey!” 

Tell her, “I’ll take care of you, my princess, my precious little one. 
I will protect you, my dear, and of course, we’ll have some fun!”

“Here, my love, take my hand. 
Tell me your fears, sweet child, I wanna understand.” 


In service to your freedom,

P.S. Learning to be a “loving mother” to yourself is a key piece in overcoming emotional eating. It’s what heals that empty feeling you try to fill with food. 

If your intuition has been nudging you to reach out to me and explore what working together would look like, you can follow through on that intuitive nudge by clicking here. Chat soon! 💖

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