Practicing the act of self-love

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

While I usually keep my weekly emails focused on supporting you on your journey to heal your relationship with food/body, today, I feel called to share a more personal update. 

My clients always tell me how much they love hearing about my personal experience because of the insights they receive for themselves, so my hope is you do too. 

So here is a peek into what I’m personally celebrating, committed to, and what’s feeding my soul: 

What I’m celebrating:

Escape From Emotional Eating is 12 years old!

Ok, while this celebration could be categorized as more professional than personal, I am specifically celebrating and digesting what it took personally to achieve such a momentous milestone. 

I am grateful for the unexpected ways this work has been a catalyst for me to become a truer, more whole version of myself again and again.

What I’m committed to:

Overcoming mental struggles that hold me back from peak well-being and performance.

A few months ago, I personally started working with a high-performance mindset coach who works specifically with ballet dancers. As someone who loves ballet just as a hobby, it was (and continues to be) a fascinating learning experience to overcome a new level of my inner demons and embody a whole new level of high-functioning. The benefits of my willingness to do this work extend way beyond ballet and impact all aspects of my life

I have so much to share with you about what I’m learning and experiencing, especially because there are SO many connections to our work together – until then, know this: 

Yes, your life is good. Yes, maybe it’s even better than some. But don’t let comparison to what everyone else is doing (or not doing) deflate your hutzpah to embrace the next level of your evolution

What is feeding my soul:

Prioritizing what my body needs and wants.

As the seasons change, so do the needs of my body and, as a result, my routines. This season I find my body waking me up early and wanting to connect with myself and with nature.  So most mornings, I’ll pop on a sweatshirt (I love that it’s chilly in the mornings before the heat of the day rises), make a cup of tea, and sit in my itty-bitty backyard garden. Even if it’s for a few moments. 

I take this time to check in with myself, my feelings, and my needs… before anything or anyone else. Then, I listen to the birds (they are so chatty!) and say hello to the flowers in my garden. It feels so simple it’s silly, yet the impact on my mind and body is profound. I want to continue to go inward first before I reach outward – like for my phone, email, or work. 


I hope sharing these personal pieces inspires you to celebrate, acknowledge, and nourish yourself today. 

Because when you take a moment to acknowledge or appreciate yourself, you are practicing the act of self-love. And that love gets amplified when you share those acknowledgments, and they are witnessed by others (which I modeled for you here today!). 

In service to your freedom (and self-love), 

Spread the Word!

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