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A lot of people ask me what I eat, especially for breakfast.

For a few years I always had a green smoothie for breakfast. I loved how it replenished me after a good morning sweat and the greens I’d put in it were like natures coffee.

Then after a while, I started to discover my morning greenie was making me bloated.

So I cut it out and went months without it.

I missed my morning greens but longed for a way to be kind to my digestion.

As a replacement, I tried powders and pills but I’m not a fan of supplements and they just made me want to gag.

Then, one day when I was walking home from the gym I passed by a new little juice bar that opened up. I went in and had my first green juice.

It was yummy. My tummy liked it. And I even had a little pep in my step when I finished it.

Before that, I only thought of juice as something that was a part of a juice cleanse…of which I had horrific memories of starving, wanting to kill everyone in sight and being so low on energy I felt like I had the flu.

I started to make my morning juice a routine and started to notice how beautiful it made my skin, how energized I felt and how my body LOVED it.

I discovered there was this whole other world of juicing – how different ingredients could do different things for your body and how drinking it at different times of the day meant different benefits.

Now I consider myself a conservative when it comes to juicing, so I’m not here to tell you to drink 64 oz. of green juice a day. After all, I only drink about 12 oz.

But what I do want you to know is that juices can be a great option to add into your daily routine. And you don’t have to cleanse in order to reap the benefits of a good juice.

So in this week’s episode of J-ciniTV, I popped into my fav local juice spot, Sip-N-Glo, to give you the 4-1-1 on this crazy juicing world. We talk about how there’s more to juice than cleansing!

Get to know juice’s slim-tastic benefits here:

Thanks for tuning in!

Love, health & laughter,

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