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Doing a quick check in to make sure you saw my special invitation to end your emotional eating with an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session. Submit your application now – ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT. 

In my last post I talked about how this feeling of “never being enough” or “never doing enough” fuels the emotional eating cycle

This is exactly the healing work I did with my clients on the ESCAPE last week and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the opportunity to heal this trigger of the emotional eating cycle. 

When you do heal this, like we did together on the ESCAPE last week, you are free…free from emotional eating and free to put your head on your pillow at night feeling utterly fulfilled.

Here’s what some of my ESCAPE clients celebrated last week: 

“I can finally eat one of something non-compulsively instead of handfuls.” 

“I haven’t used food to numb in over a year and a half.” 

“I didn’t believe I could truly heal my emotional eating. Now I know I can.”  

All of this has me so fired up to share the deep healing work I do with my clients with as many people as possible so I’ve open new 5 spots in my year-long programs.  

But my work isn’t for everyone so I’ve opened 5 spots to connect for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session so you can explore this healing work more deeply. But ONLY 3 ARE LEFT!

Here’s what we’ll do in your Discovery Session

1. I’ll listen intimately to what your challenges are with emotional eating

2. We’ll get clear on why you haven’t broken free just yet.

3. We’ll explore your best next steps on your healing journey which includes exploring if any of the Escape From Emotional Eating programs is a right next step for you.  

This session is private, virtual and complimentary – my gift to you! 

And the deadline for this special invitation is TOMORROW Wednesday, October 9 @ 5PM EASTERN!

Don’t put this off. 

Let’s end your emotional eating together. 

With love,  

PS. Take the first step to heal your emotional eating and have peace with food by clicking here right now – only 3 SPOTS LEFT!  

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