[time-sensitive] the honest truth

Hey there! Here’s the honest truth: Your peloton won’t heal your emotional eating. Neither will another go at Weight Watchers or a try at intermittent fasting. 

Because these methods are a complete mis-match for emotional eaters. They don’t address the roots, the core issues, of your emotional eating.

See I just got back from leading my retreat called the ESCAPE which is COMPLETELY focused on healing the roots of emotional eating – as is all the work that I do here at Escape From Emotional Eating – and I just had to share this with you.

When the roots of emotional eating are not addressed you fall into the emotional eating cycle of insanity: a constant cycle of falling off track > overeating > feeling guilty > overeating because you feel guilty… and then the cycle starts all over again.

However, since I introduced the specific teachings about the 4 Roots Of Emotional EatingTM and the pathways to freedom, I’ve seen a massive acceleration in my clients’ healing.

Here’s what a few of them celebrated on the ESCAPE last week:

     I haven’t emotionally eating in 4 months! – LP from Hiram, GA

     I haven’t emotionally eaten in 10 months! – SD from Lubbock, TX

     I can’t remember the last time I’ve emotionally eaten it’s been so long!
     – LB from Malibu, CA

And it gets better! Each of these clients have experienced some pretty big challenges at work, in their relationships and personal life recently. Because of our work together and the tools that I teach, they have been able to navigate these challenges with a level of peace and ease that doesn’t come from numbing out with food. 

All of this has me so excited that I want to share the deep healing work I do with as many people as possible!

Time to be honest again…Do you want to heal your emotional eating? 

YES! Then we have some important work to do! 

I’ve opened 3 new spots in my year-long programs and since my transformational work isn’t for everyone I have opened 5 spots to connect for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session to explore which of my life-changing programs is a fit for you! 

In an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session, I’ll listen intimately to what your challenges are with emotional eating, we’ll get clear on why you haven’t found freedom just yet and we’ll explore your best next steps on your healing journey. This session is private, virtual and complimentary – my gift to you! 

To receive your Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session: 

  1. Fill out this application now. (It should only take 5 minutes)
  2. Submit your application as soon as possible because I only have 5 spots for these sessions and I want to make sure you’re finding peace with food as soon as possible.
  3. I’ll read every application and you’ll be hearing from myself or a member of my team to schedule our connection. 

I’ll need to receive your application by THIS Thursday, February 20 @ 6pm EASTERN! 


You’ve suffered enough already. 

Let’s end your fight with food together. 

With love,  

PS. I’ve found that emotional eaters tend to procrastinateYou put things off that are actually good for you and then you don’t do them at all. I only have a few spots open for Discovery Sessions, so if you’re feeling called to heal your emotional eating, DO THIS.


Do this right now.

I’m finally free from my emotional eating!

Before The ESCAPE Program, I reached a point where I was sick and tired of being tortured by food. I had tried Weight Watchers and a nutritionist… both of which I would rebel against and sabotage myself. Nothing touched the mean voices in my head. As a health coach myself, I knew so much about food but I just couldn’t get myself to do it so I decided to Escape From Emotional Eating.

First, I lost 12 pounds even before I showed up on the ESCAPE simply from what I was learning in the Foundational Trainings! Once on the retreat, I learned how to fully put food back as fuel. The mean inner voices stopped and for the first time in my life, I have peace in my mindI got my self-confidence and self-esteem back. The Escape was such a warm, supportive group where I felt really safe to do this deeper work. I didn’t want to leave. I am a completely different person because of this!

Dr. Karen Wallet, Marlton, NJ

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