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[TIME SENSITIVE] Your Call With Jessica

I’m still buzzing from today’s transformational training, "Finally! The Answer To Your Food Problem"! 

Missed it or want to listen again? Access the recording here.

If you want real support to stop feeling crazy around food, you’ll want to check this out immediately!  

I also gave an exclusive preview invite for our upcoming retreat called The Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape.  

This is where I’ll teach you step-by-step, day-by-day how to escape emotional eating, trust your body and fill your soul.  

And there is only 1 spot left!

*|FNAME|*, if this resonates with you, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Discovery Session and we’ll discover if this experience is a fit for you.  

I’m not attached to the outcome of our conversations whatsoever.  

Apply for this complimentary call here.

This is perfect for you if:  

  • You reach for cookies when you feel stressed, anxious and scared 
  • You feel like you want to crawl out of your own skin 
  • Your abusive relationship with food feels like a burden and it’s holding you back from your mission in life 

During this private 45-minute call together, I’ll listen intimately to your struggles with food and we’ll get clear on your next steps together. We’ll also get clear if the Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape is a right next step for you.  

To schedule this complimentary call, please fill out this application.

HEADS UP: The application deadline is THIS FRIDAY, February 19th@ MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME!

If you can’t look me in the eyes and tell me your 100% happy with your body and what you’re doing with food, then you and I need to have a conversation and we have some very important work to do. 🙂

Submit your application now! Looking forward to supporting you on every step of this amazing journey! 

Loving you, 

PS. You have 48 hours to submit your application for the final spot on the Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape! Don’t miss this life changing opportunity! APPLY NOW!

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