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You vs. You -> THE winning game plan

Quick Q for you… Do you secretly feel shameful that after scouring book after book, you’re still overeating and you’re still searching for answers?

I can totally relate.

But just like my clients, books, facts and information never changed my actions.

They never helped me stop eating ice cream every time I was feeling overwhelmed with work.

They never helped me stop eating those couple extra bites even though I was already full.

And most of all, they never helped me get to the root of why I was using food for comfort, stress relief or to help manage my anxiety.

What finally DID help me heal my relationship with food (and lose 20+ pounds as a side effect of that) was getting support.

And it was the catalyst that changed everything.

I now know, and share this with you, that overeating is a war against yourself: You vs. You.

And it’s impossible to win a battle where you are pitted against yourself.

You need something greater than a book. Something bigger than yourself.

That’s why I invite you, to a complimentary Laugh Yourself Skinny discovery session, so you too can experience a catalyst that changes your fight with food.

Apply for one of these private sessions here

During this private time together I’ll listen intimately to what you’re struggling with and we’ll get clear on your next steps. We’ll also get clear if one of the LYS programs is the right support to help you escape emotional eating.

I’m not attached to any outcome whatsoever.

This is my gift to you because I know first hand how powerful it can be just to talk to someone about fighting with food and how one conversation can literally change everything.

Let’s do this. Fill out this short application and my team will support us on finding a time that works for the both of us!

So looking forward to this powerful time together!

Loving you,

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