"Why are YOU trying to lose weight?"

People used to say this to me all the time whenever they saw me eating a salad at work, drinking a green smoothie or calculating how many calories I burned after a workout.  

This question made me so self-conscious I felt as if I would liquefy on the spot.  

Because behind my obsession with staying healthy I had the shameful secret that at night when I was home alone and no one was watching, I would eat anything and everything. 

Bags of popcorn, chips, cookies, chocolate, ice cream…you name it.  

I had tried various diets, counting calories and even succumbed to starving myself during the day in an effort to "control" my binges at night.  

When those things didn’t work, I threw myself into basically every type of workout imaginable – running, kickboxing, bootcamp, yoga, pilates, barre classes…even a combination of all of them! 

But none of them ever touched, or cured, the overwhelming pull at the end of the day to eat an entire carton of ice cream.  

It was like an alien had taken over my body!  

Feeling like a failure and ready to settle into "this is just the way it’s going to be for the rest of my life", I mustered up what little bit of courage I had left to speak to someone about my most shameful secret. 

And that 1 conversation changed my life.

Surprisingly, my overeating had nothing to do with aliens or food. But had everything to do with how I was feeling and the thoughts I would think about myself.  

From there I was able to put the cookies down. Soon after that, I didn’t even have cravings for them anymore! 

And eventually, I woke up one morning and didn’t even think about food.  

Which brings us to today, where I can stand here before you and say I have ended my fight with food.  

All this had led me to my work, which helps other women, just like you, end their fight with food too.
I want you to know that when it comes to emotional eating and using food as a way to numb, distract or procrastinate… diets and exercise don’t work.  

We have to approach this differently.  

Just like in my story, how 1 conversation changed everything for me, I want to pass that same opportunity along to you.  

So if you have flirted with every diet and exercise regime out there in an effort to cure your crazy food cravings… yet STILL easily plow thru an entire bag of popcorn, chips or candy at the end of the day, then I invite you to fill out this application

This is an opportunity to take the first step in ending your fight with food with a complimentary discovery session with me

During this powerful private time together, I’ll listen intimately to your struggles with food and we’ll get clear on your next healing steps together.  

We’ll also have the opportunity to explore if the deep healing work that I do is the best next step for you.  

Fill out this application now because spots for these complimentary sessions are extremely limited.

As always, I’m so grateful for our connection, and to be in service and support of ending your fight with food.  

Loving you, 


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