When I was secretly struggling with food, one of the things I hated most, that was worse than a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. else, was how much I thought about food. 

Thoughts about food and eating never left my mind.  

They wouldn’t shut up. They were constant!   

I felt obsessed and my mind was a war zone! 

And this went on for years…

Until one day, my thoughts about food and eating simply vanished in the most miraculous way.  

Like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders and I finally felt peaceful, clear and light.  

What was most shocking about all of this was the way in which they vanished.  

Before this, I had thought that the only way I’d finally be free from my obsession with food once I had cured my sugar cravings, worked out every day and lost 15 pounds. 

But that that got me nowhere and only made me more obsessed with food, hate myself more and feel completely exhausted.  

What I found, the real solution that ended my fight with food, was when I stopped focusing so much on calories and when I did the deep internal work first.

It was only when I had mastered my inner healing that I finally saw food as fuel, lost 30 lbs and could look in the mirror at myself with loving eyes. 

And the same happens for my clients too. 
So if you’ve ever felt like you’re constantly thinking about food, where you barely have the energy or brain space to think about anything else, then I want to invite you to fill out this application

This is an opportunity to take the first step in ending your fight with food with a complimentary discovery session with me. 

During this powerful private time together, I’ll listen intimately to your struggles with food and we’ll get clear on your next steps together.  

We’ll also have the opportunity to explore if the deep healing work that I do is thebest next step for you.  

Fill out this application now because spots for these complimentary sessions are extremely limited.

I’m so grateful for our connection, and to be in service and support of ending your fight with food.  

Loving you (ALWAYS), 


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