9 Things To Put On When You Have Nothing To Wear

Does it take you hours to get dressed in the morning? How many times do you stare into your closet wondering what to wear?

It used to take me HOURS to get dressed. I eventually had to start laying out my clothes the night before because EVERYTHING I tried on didn’t fit.

The tears. The frustration.

Talk about painful experiences. Thank goodness those days are long gone.

In this weeks episode of J-ciniTV, I wanted to give you some other options of what to wear that aren’t hanging in your closet.

Put one (or ALL) of these 9 things on when you have nothing to wear:

Keep your head up darlin’! Don’t let what’s in (or not in) you closet rain on your parade.

Love, health & laughter,

P.S. Speaking of what to wear…the fashion in Paris is amazing! I’m in heaven! Be sure you’re following me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to keep up with my crazy adventures!

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