Seasonal Allergies

3 Easy Ways To Avoid Seasonal Allergies

Ohh the thrill of being able to ditch the puffy jacket and fleece tights and being able to walk around town without pouring summer sweat…these are a few of my favorite things about Spring.

However, 3 years ago I used to spend this time of year PETRIFIED to just open the windows.


My seasonal allergies would hit me so bad I was taking TWO 24 hour Claritins a day + Mucinex and still couldn’t breathe. Sneezing and watery eyes would quickly turn into sinus infections and days in bed. Thanks to my allergies, I never got to enjoy much fun when spring sprung.

Until I started eating the food that was right for my body.

Now…well…I can’t remember the last time I took, let alone bought a Claritin…it’s been years.

This week’s J-ciniTV is all about surviving THRIVING this allergy season without poppin’ pills.

Click here to get my top 3 tips to avoid seasonal allergies:

Got grand plans for this spring? Picnics, wine tours, road trips?

Let me know what fun you are up to this spring in the comments below the video!

Thanks for tuning in!

Love, health & laughter,


P.S. Tonight I leave for a 2 week trip to Paris! Be sure we’re connected through Facebook  & Instagram  to come along (virtually!) on my adventures! Don’t worry – I’ve taped a few J-ciniTV episodes to keep you Laughing Yourself Skinny while I’m away 😉


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