A cycle of deferring your needs

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

I really want to eat a burger.

One of my clients mentioned this in a recent session together. She went on to explain, 

“Every couple of days I feel a strong craving for red meat. But I don’t go get it when I want it.” 

She shared with me that to her, a burger is not a bad food. She finds it satiating. But she doesn’t get it when she wants it. 

Frustrated with herself she said, “Why don’t I just go get it? I’m not acting in alignment with what I know!

I know you’ve had a similar experience too. So let’s take a look at this together. 

If you ever brought this struggle to a general health coach or a nutritionist, they would waste your time telling you how red meat is rich in protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. They would go on to tell you all the recipes you could make and even send you links to match. 

Not me. 

In my work with my clients, we go above and beyond. I get right to the core issues.

In this case, the problem isn’t the burger. 

And pumping a client full of factual information will rarely motivate someone to create sustainable change or even change their behavior in the long term. 

The core issue in this example is being stuck in a cycle of deferring your needs.

It’s the self-sabotaging habit of overriding your inner knowing

And if left to your own devices, and overwhelmed by unhelpful nutritional facts about protein, you would continue living in this perpetual cycle of deferring your needs.

It’s why my clients choose to work with me. 

Because I’ve been doing this work for 12+ years, I’m able to get to the root of the issue with just a few questions. 

My clients tell me that we get more done in 15 minutes together than they did in 5 sessions with their therapist. 

When you have a truffle-sniffing pig like myself on your team, who can see beyond the surface and get to the root of your issues, you get a higher return on your investment of time, energy, and resources. 

Instead of sharing how red meat is rich in protein, I support my clients in seeing the inner and outer aspects of their choices – the physical, the mental, and the emotional. 

I shine the light on the hidden limiting beliefs you are operating under, especially when it comes to your true needs.  

And support them in creating a different experience and moving it to action with strong accountability. 

All so the habit of deferring your true needs, over time, becomes extinct. 
Not just with food. But with ALL aspects of life.

If you are stuck in a perpetual cycle of deferring your needs, and it’s time to let in my support, click here so we can explore if working together would be a fantastic fit.

Love your truffle-sniffing pig, 

P.S. I hope you learned something from this snapshot from a client session. Personal details have been omitted to protect privacy and maintain anonymity. The core issues that most women who strive for excellence have in common and my approach to working with them is what I endeavored to express. This is not a recounting of anything else. 

P.P.S. I am indescribably grateful to every person with whom I have had the privilege of working. The women I work with are a small but mighty group of powerful, amazing, women leaders who are no longer willing to let their relationship with food/body/self stand in their way. To my former and current clients: I love every one of you. 

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