my recommendations for staying grounded this week 

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Hey! I just wanted to check in as I’ve been thinking of you as we continue to move through this time of intensity – the Holidays! 

So, I wanted to share a few recommendations with you on how to stay grounded and avoid emotional eating this week.

Recommendation #1: Prioritize Calming Your Nervous System 

This is something I am in constant practice with, no matter what time of year it is. 

One way I do this is by committing to taking a walk outside, no matter how wet, windy, or cold it is. This helps me stay grounded and refrain from getting caught in the push-push-push-go-go-go mode that is so unhealthy for me to operate from. 

Another thing that helps me calm my nervous system is using one of the energy management tools I teach in my programs. My favorite tool right now is Digesting Gladness™, which helps me process what IS happening in my life. It helps me not let things pile up inside or get emotionally overwhelmed. 

If you don’t have a similar tool in your life, simply putting your thoughts on paper in whatever way feels good for you can help lighten your internal load

Recommendation #2: Create Time Where You Aren’t Consuming

‘Tis the time of year when consumption reaches an all-time (dare I say, UNHEALTHY) high! Food, drinks, family, work, email, social media, shopping, and other people’s energy are just a FEW examples of things we consume throughout the day! 

By staying tuned into your body and your natural rhythms of fullness, you’ll be able to say “I’m full,” or “I’ve had enough for now,” when the rest of the world is consuming till they’re quite literally, sick. 

Having time where you are intentionally digesting rather than consuming will automatically recharge your batteries. 

Because all humans have a natural limit, and anything beyond that creates a form of suffering. 

Recommendation #3: Record Your Triggers 

One of the things I’m always reminding my clients is, “Your triggers are treasures.” 

While triggers are uncomfortable to experience in the moment, if you can capture even the smallest aspect of your experience and revisit it later on with curiosity, you can learn A LOT

So, the next time you notice yourself feeling triggered, I recommend excusing yourself and going to the bathroom. Open the notes app on your phone and take a few moments to record your thoughts, feelings, or details from your experience. 

Allow this simple step to be enough for now

Final thoughts…

It’s common to want to try to escape intensity (no matter what season you’re in), but you are strong, and you are capable of weathering this storm – internally and externally.

Food will not make things better. Not in the short term. Certainly not in the long term.

Stay present in your body.

Surrender when you feel yourself trying to “grip” or control. 

Most of all, if you feel like you’ve “lost yourself,” do not wait until the New Year to come home to yourself or your body. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If your intuition has been nudging you to receive support to heal your relationship with food, you can follow through on that intuitive nudge by clicking here. Chat soon!

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