a few truths I learned from my emotional eating journey

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

I have to be honest. In the past three weeks, it really hit me that life isn’t getting any easier. Instead, the Universe is constantly showing us that we really need to get better, and even better, at managing it. 

Especially for those of us who feel deeply and are called to navigate this overwhelming world with consciousness, alignment, and as healthy as humanly possible, like you and me. 

Even though I no longer use food or alcohol to soothe, numb, or escape… 

I vividly remember those years when food was my reward at the end of a long, stressful day. 

I remember when I thought I needed food and alcohol to cope or connect with others. 

I remember believing that numbing myself was the only way to survive in this overwhelming world. 

But here are a few truths I learned from my journey so far as I move to my next level…

Food truth #1:

Using food to process or avoid your feelings is not an effective strategy. Especially for women like you who need to function at a higher level.

This is why in step #1 of my work with my clients, we focus on building your emotional fitness. This is where you’ll learn effective tools, like Digesting Emotions®, so you can process and swim through the tsunami of emotions and intense energies rather than numb or avoid them

In fact, here is what one of my clients said about Digesting Emotions: 

“Your Digesting Emotions Process carried me from crazy grief to normalcy within minutes.” – C.S.

Food Truth #2:

Using food in an attempt to meet your emotional needs will only continue to starve your emotional body.

This is why in step #2 of my work with my clients, we start untangling your physical hunger from your emotional hunger. So not only will you hone the skill of eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full… but you will also learn the language of your emotional body. 

This is so you can finally know what it is that you are truly hungry for and finally fulfill your unmet emotional needs

Food Truth #3:

Overeating is a sign of a deeper issue, one that has almost nothing to do with food and almost everything to do with your mother

Yep, your mother. 

In order to truly be free, we have important healing work to do. This is why in my work with my clients, I am now leading a specific transformational series called Mothers, Daughters, and Food™. 

This is so we can heal the generational roots of dis-ease and dysfunction when it comes to your relationship with food and your feminine body. And so you don’t unconsciously pass any of it on to your children.

All of this is why I created Escape From Emotional Eating. Because there is so much to heal, so much to untangle when it comes to food.

If you want to thrive in this world, using food to cope will only get in the way, so click here right now, and let’s level up together.

In service to your freedom,

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