a guided experience to feel calm and grounded

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Food would calm me. Anytime I felt anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, or exhausted, eating would make me feel grounded and secure (albeit temporarily).

As I embarked on healing my relationship with food, I got clear that I needed a better, healthier, more aligned way for me to feel grounded and secure so I could stop overeating.  

I had to learn new ways to reconnect to myself and my body – ways that didn’t require me to lose myself in the process.

Now, this is a foundational part of my work with my clients and I wanted to share a piece of that with you today! 

Click on the video below to be guided through an experience that will help you feel more present, calm, and grounded in your body no matter where you are, no matter what is going on in your world. 

Come home to your body and yourself | Escape From Emotional Eating

These few minutes together will be so worth it! 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. There is a lot more that goes into truly living IN your body and releasing emotional eating for good. If you’re ready to explore what those next steps are for you on your healing journey, click here to apply for support. 💖

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