Checking in :)

Hi! Just wanted to personally reach out… How are you doing? 

I know there’s a lot of messages out there that harp “stay strong” and “we’re in this together” but Monday, I stayed in bed all day and cried. 

And Tuesday was pretty much the same. 

I wanted to share this with you because as women, we’ve been taught that crying is wrong, feeling our feelings is wrong, that we’re wrong…for being anything but happy.

So we’ve learned to suck it up, and shove it down with food. 

But the truth is that ALL feelings are for feeling. 

It’s ok to cry. 
It’s ok to feel the quicksand of grief. 
It’s ok to feel your white hot anger. 
It’s ok to want to punch the next person that says “we’re in this together”. 

However you are feeling is the right way to feel. 

Don’t shove it down. 
Don’t ignore it. 
Don’t put food on top of it. 

Don’t tell people “I’m fine. Nothing’s wrong.” when your heart aches. 

Because when you stop numbing yourself with food, you start feeling. It’s a part of becoming human again. 

It what being emotionally healthy looks like. 

What I can share from my personal experience, is that: 

(1) Your feelings, no matter how intense or messy they may be, will not kill you (even though it might feel like it). 

(2) When you truly own how you feel, you won’t want to emotionally eat. 

Because there’s nothing to hide. 

(3) Feelings are the magic of transformation. We must feel to heal. Healing is the “prize” that is ALWAYS waiting for us on the other-side of feeling. 

So if you’re swimming through grief, fear, anger and wanting to punch someone in the face, keep swimming

Feel it ALL. 

So ALL of it can be healed. Including you. 


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