food deadened my soul

Hey! I still vividly remember how food deadened my soul just enough so I couldn’t think too hard about anything else but food, my body and sleep.

Food cast a spell over me so I didn’t really have to face anything.

It made feelings go away. Back then, I was dead inside. A shell of a human being.

And that was a good thing.

Until I realized how not good it really was.

I always had an inner calling to give, be and do more in this lifetime.

It was becoming very clear that being stupefied by food was holding me back. Big time.

Every time I emotionally ate I was extinguishing myself.

Drowning my power.
Silencing my voice.
Killing my life force.

I didn’t want to be dead inside anymore.

I wanted to be fully alive.

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This world needs you.
Your light. Your voice. Your power.

Your family, kids, clients and work need you.
Not dead and numb.
Awake, alive and fully free.

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