emotional eating takes away a part of you

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is like driving 90 miles per hour on the highway with your eyes closed. 

Because emotional eating disconnects you from yourself, your senses, and your feelings – which you need access to in order to stay in tune with and follow through on your inner guidance. 

On top of that, emotional eating is evidence that you are constantly consuming the limiting beliefs that you are not worthy enough, smart enough, or good enough. 

Most importantly, emotional eating leaves you disconnected, disassociated, and unavailable to create change. Whether that change is to mother your kids like a she-wolf, take your heart-driven business to the next level, or something else. 

With everything that has been going on in our world (mass shootings, women’s health issues, racial injustice, the war in Ukraine, 2+ years of an ongoing pandemic, and so much more)… now is not a time to be asleep at the wheel.

Instead, now IS the time to put an end to the disconnect, the dissociation, the avoidance, and most of all, the resignation that emotional eating creates.

Now is the time to Escape From Emotional Eating.  

By doing so, you’ll learn how to process tragedy and trauma in a healthy, more sustainable way

It will put you back in touch with yourself, your senses, and your feelings, so you are able to sense moment to moment what is needed

By being released from what no longer serves you, like emotional eating, your body, mind, and soul will be of full service to your inner guidance and fulfilling what you are being called to do. 

Most of all, you’ll be ready, equipped, and fully available to impact change.

Our world needs you. It needs all of you. Especially the part that emotional eating steals.

Click here, and apply now.

We’ve got important work to do. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If there’s a little voice inside of you saying, “Is she really saying that healing emotional eating will have an impact on the dumpster fire that we’re living in?”

I am. 

Just ask my client S.D. who told me because of our work together, she started an association that trains Emergency Room Doctors to be able to identify victims of sex trafficking. 

Or my client, L.B., has been able to mother her kids like a she-wolf, especially during these last 2 years. 

Escaping from Emotional Eating is just the beginning of your contribution to keeping the world steady and sane. Click here, and apply now.

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