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Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating


Do you feel like the process to heal your relationship with food will be more painful than the “food jail” you’re currently in? 

This is a common fear that can keep you trapped in the binge-restrict cycle, so allow me to support you in breaking free. 

In the unique approach I take with my clients, you never have to say goodbye to cookies, cake, pizza, French Fries, ice cream, etc. 

Because the work I do is NOT about what you’re eating.

• It’s about WHY you’re eating.

• It’s about clearing out the compulsion underneath the food so you no longer have those times of “I know I shouldn’t be eating this, but I’m doing it anyway.”

• It’s about clearing out the powerlessness and suffering (fear, anxiety, stress) at the root of your choices with food. 

• It’s about clearing out how you’ve been using food to silence yourself.

• It’s about taking your power back so you can CHOOSE what nourishes you instead of what poisons you.

My work goes waaaaay beyond traditional health coaching and is very unique, powerful, and sacred. It’s life-changing. It’s a healing process. 

So, if you think creating a peaceful, healthy relationship with food will put you into a more difficult food jail than you’re already in, it’s just. not. true. 

Freedom and peace don’t come from more suffering. That just doesn’t make sense.

And it’s not the way to truly Escape From Emotional Eating®.

If you want to learn more about the unique step-by-step process I take with each of my clients and what makes my work different than anything you’ve tried in the past, click here.  

In service to your freedom,

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