Feeling bleh in your body? Read this. 

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Feeling bleh in your body today?

Be gentle with yourself. 

That means: watch the way you relate to yourself. 

Whenever you’re feeling bleh in your body… adding shame, blame, and guilt will only make you feel worse. 

Bullying yourself only blinds you from seeing what truly needs to change.

Watch out for any compulsions to over-exercise or restrict food as a way to make up for past mistakes, numb discomfort, or try to control your body.

Quick fixes never turn into long-term solutions. 

Instead of divorcing yourself when you aren’t feeling your best, it’s a time to reconnect with yourself and tune in. 

Now you might be thinking, “What? What do you mean to reconnect with myself and tune in?” 

Let me explain… 

Anything used addictively – like overeating, overdrinking, overworking…even overexercising – puts a buffer between yourself and your awareness of your body and feelings. 

This puts you out of touch with your needs and disconnects you from your intuition and inner guidance. 

In healing your addictive patterns, you get back in touch with yourself, your feelings, and your needs

In that process, you learn what your body is trying to communicate. And you’ll know how to lovingly support yourself to feel better. 

This is exactly what we do together in our private work together here at Escape From Emotional Eating. 

In fact, it’s literally my core mission: to help women who strive for excellence get back in touch and stay in touch with themselves by healing the roots of their emotional eating. 

Because your relationship with yourself is the foundation of everything. It’s the common denominator in every aspect of your life. 

And since you strive for excellence, you need your foundation to support you in operating at a higher, more efficient level. 

Click here to learn more about how our work together would support you in doing exactly that!

In service to your freedom,

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