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Finding peace when you want to crawl out of your skin

I was sitting on the toilet, saw this and thought of you so I just have to share it!


This quote is written on the bathroom wall at my favorite yoga studio that is nowonly a few blocks from our new home!

In case you haven’t seen my posts on Facebook, over the past few weeks, Zach and I bought and moved into a brand new house that we’ve been building together.

While a very exciting time, it’s also one of A LOT of change and chaos.

To find refuge I would haul myself to yoga class, lock myself in the bathroom where this is written on the wall and read this quote over and over and over again.

As an emotional eater, in the past my default would be to use food to find peace.

For example, peace was having dessert after lunch. In my mind it was like those bites of a chocolate bar would transport me to a magical heavenly place where I would escape my stress and anxiety.

When I realized that escaping with food only lasted a few moments, I wanted more. So I would eat more. Which fueled a cycle…

Until I couldn’t fit into my pants.

I share this with you, because I’ve learned that peace doesn’t come from tasting something sweet and delicious.

And from this move, I’ve also learned that peace doesn’t come from having all the boxes unpacked, the closet organized and never having to step foot into Loews ever again.

As the writing on the wall says, in the midst of chaos, change and overwhelm of life, that peace comes from being still and calm in your heart.

Which is exactly what I teach and support my clients with in Laugh Yourself Skinny®.

Because for emotional eaters, finding “peace within” is a challenge when you want to crawl out of your own skin.

I know, because I’ve been there.

That’s why I invite you, to receive a complimentary Laugh Yourself Skinny Discovery Session.

This is an opportunity to find out why you haven’t overcome your struggle with food yet and get clear if LYS is the right support system for you in ending your fight with food.

Your first step is to fill out this application.

Oh and by the way, as you explore what transforming your relationship with food looks like, you will be safe. -)

It’s time to put the cookie down, end your fight with food and find peace within. Get started now!

Loving you,

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