🙏 Finding rest in this overwhelming world 

When I was tired, I would eat. 

I would eat to stave off the exhaustion. 
I would eat because my head would ache. 
I thought it was just that my blood sugar was low. (Boy was I wrong!)  

I would eat because rest was a 4-letter word.  

Caffeine, carbs, sugar…they were my way to keep on pushing. 
There were things to do, emails to check, people to call.  

If I rest, these things will never get done. 

If I rest, I’ll never get off the couch.  

If I rest, I’ll have to feel.  

I’ll have to feel the white-hot ache of my body… to feel all the feelings I’ve pushed down… 

Nope! Not going to do it. So to the kitchen, the caffeine, the carbs I went.   

As I started to heal my emotional eating, I saw how many times I ate because I was tired. Not because I was hungry.  

How my headaches had nothing to do with my blood sugar. It was actually my body screaming for me to stop. Clawing at me to rest. 

Slow down.  

I learned that rest was a way to come home to myself and when I allow it, I am more deeply aligned with myself and all aspects of my life.  

Rest is something we have to take. No one will give it to us. Certainly not in this overwhelming world.  

And if we don’t take it, our bodies will force it upon us through illness, depression, or injury.  

Now, I no longer eat when I’m tired. I no longer allow myself to get to such a dire place of exhaustion. And I haven’t emotionally eaten in almost 5 years now.  

But I’ll humbly admit, I’m still on the journey when it comes to my relationship with rest. I am still learning the rhythms of my body, especially as she gets older and especially in these overwhelming times.  

So the next time you reach for food, ask yourself: “Am I physically hungry? Or am I tried?”  

If you’re tired, give yourself permission to rest… to soothe your senses by closing your eyes and come home to yourself. 

Eating when your tired will only create separation. 
Give yourself what you’re truly hungry for and rest.  

Trust that all your emails, ideas, responsibilities will be there when you’re ready to plug back in.  

Know that true strength comes from knowing when to rest and giving it to yourself.  

In service to your freedom,

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