Got Crazy Sugar Cravings?

Do you have a killer sweet tooth?

I don’t know about you, but I used to crave sugar when I woke up, at breakfast, at lunch, after lunch, at 3pm, when I got home from work, at dinner and after dinner.

And those nighttime sugar craving were always the worst!

I used to try not buying the stuff, distracting myself, drinking a large glass of water…

Even if I didn’t end up eating it, just fighting the cravings was more exhausting than trying to burn it off!

But then cycle would continue and I began to think there was something wrong with me…”why can’t I just STOP craving this stuff? where’s my willpower?”

Little did I know, there was nothing wrong with me. In fact, there were very good reasons why I was craving this stuff and it had nothing to do with my willpower.

So if you find yourself in a spot like mine and you’re wondering “WTF can’t I stop craving sugar?” this episode of J-ciniTV literally spells it out for you:

And don’t forget to join in this week’s coach’s challenge! I’d love to hear from you! What’s your major source of sugar cravings?

Because when you name it, you can change it!



PS. Next week I’ve got something BIG coming your way 🙂 Super excited about it!


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