Is shopping adding inches to your waist

How Shopping Is Adding Inches to Your Waist

“I saved over $ 10,000 working with you last year” was in a love note I received last week from Amy, who finished my signature program Laugh Yourself SkinnyTM last year.

She told me that she had been prepping her tax stuff and she couldn’t believe how shifting her relationship to food saved her some serious cash!

When I first met Amy, she would pop over to the mall every Wednesday for some retail therapy. She told me she didn’t like to buy clothes because she felt nothing ever fit her, but she never met a pair of shoes she didn’t like. For her, grabbing a couple heels at Nordstroms was motivation to get her to Friday without biting her b*tch of a boss’ head off.

I secretly knew that this habit wasn’t much different than her, or any woman’s, relationship to pigging out on cookies after a long day.

I like to use the analogy of putting a different “band-aid” on the same boo-boo.

And whether your band-aid is retail therapy, gluten-free crackers, chocolate or wine – the problem isn’t the kind of “band-aid” you use.

The problem is at the root…”the boo-boo”…what’s really triggering the need for retail therapy or grabbing for the cookies.

For Amy, once we cleared up her “boo-boo” with food, it blossomed into that she didn’t need a new pair of shoes to catapult her through her week. Hence, her serious savings.

Wanna learn how she did it? Check out this week’s episode of J-ciniTV!

I give you a secret something that you can start doing NOW so you can clear up your boo-boo and save the dough you’ve been spending on band-aids!

Start saving some serious cash here:

I just love how using relationships to food can open up so much more in life (and your bank account!).

Thanks for tuning in! And I’ll see you next week on J-ciniTV!

Love, health & laughter,


P.S.  Amy’s story gets even better. One of her desires when we started working together was to take her husband on a paid-for-by-her Caribbean vacation where they leave the kids at home. She’s set to take off for her dream vacation in 30 days.

P.P.S. Looking to get away and drop 10 pounds while having a freakin’ blast? There are 3 spots left for our Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape. And doors close in just 9 days. Reserve your spot here.

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