Is your Green Smoothie Making You Fat

Is Your Green Smoothie Making You Fat?

3 years ago I went to a health coach who told me to start every day with a green smoothie. Desperate to slim down, I invested over $400 smackaroos in a blender on steroids and started every morning waking my neighbors by pulverizing kale into slurp-able green goo. At first my waist started to shrink…but then I hit a plateau. A stalemate.

Regardless of drinking green smoothies every morning and working out 7 days a week, I was nowhere near feeling good in my body. Which catapulted me back into the dieting cycle…looking for that next ticket that would get me a little slimmer, a little trimmer and one more baby step closer to finally putting this dieting crap to bed so I could finally get on with my life. Once I discovered the fat-blasting foods that were right for MY body, I learned that that my beloved green smoothie was actually making me fat.

Nowadays it’ll be once in a blue moon that I have a green smoothie and if I do, it’s never first thing in the morning.

Before you go off the deep end thinking you’ve been lied to once again and all healthy food, including green smoothies, isn’t safe for you to eat…hold uuuup.

Green smoothies are a great way to get your greens in and are a great healthy tool. However, there are some BIG green smoothie mistakes that I see a lot of women making and things that I was even guilty of in the past.  So I’m taking what I learned and what I see and giving it to you straight.

In today’s episode of J-ciniTV I tackle the dirty secrets behind how your green smoothie is making you fat and what to do instead so you can keep sippin’ n’ slippin’ into your skinny jeans.

Get the dirty secrets here:

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