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How to celebrate yourself without feeling like a cheese-ball!

With just 2 days till my birthday, I’ve been jammin’ out to Katy Perry’s Birthday song…have you heard it? Even if you aren’t a March baby like me, you gotta take a listen.

In it, she takes the words right out of my mouth sayin’ “make it like your birthday everyday”.


Well think about it…in life we’re always working towards something…whether it’s to lose weight, move to a new town or get a raise at work, we all have goals and once we achieve one, another one pops up. It never ends until, well… life ends.

So you have 2 choices. You either ONLY dance once you reach your destination OR you dance ON YOUR WAY to your destination.

If dancing your way to your destination is more appealing but you’re not really sure HOW or if it really works, keep reading.

One thing I’ve learned is that we MUST appreciate, celebrate and straight up party with the here and now. We must consume the goodness that we currently have in order to move forward (in the most pleasurable way).

Otherwise, we get constipated (on life) similar to when we aren’t able to digest food.

And walking around constipated is debilitating. And miserable.

So this leads me back to Katy Perry…in order to dance your way to your destination, it requires you to honor yourself every day. Honor the baby steps. Honor the ups and the downs. And celebrate, celebrate, celebrate.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with this task, I’ve got your back.

In this week’s J-ciniTV we’re going to start with baby steps and make sure you don’t feel like a cheese-ball having a “party” with yourself.

I give a you an example of a few of the things I’m celebrating as I add another year on this planet to my belt while I’m still on my way to my destination.

Get a peek at the party here:

Celebrating is the juice, the motivation that keeps you going when the going gets tough.

So whether you’re 10 miles or only a block away from where you started, raise a glass…you’ve made it! Yippie!

Love, health & laughter,


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