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How to Curb Your Sugar Cravings

I hope you had a fantastic and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!

Zach and I spent this one down the shore with my family in Ocean City, NJ.

But one thing that always used to plague me after a weekend, holiday or not, were sugar cravings.

For years it seemed like I couldn’t exercise or eat enough greens to keep me away from craving sugar. Or even carbs.

Sometimes I would make a special trip to sneak out of the office and find some chocolate. It was like I had this little secret addiction to it.

The more I gave into these naughty sugar cravings, the more intense they got. And the harder I tried to resist them, the more they tortured me.

I tried drinking big glasses of water and breathing through them. I tried adding more greens into my diet. And I even bought pills and powders to help balance my blood sugar.

But no signs of relief.

At that point I was pretty convinced I had been born with a sweet tooth. It was just a part of my genetics and I’m just going to have to deal with it for the rest of my life.

But surprisingly, as I healed my relationship to food, I realized my sugar cravings weren’t triggered by something I was eating.

There was a deeper cause to them that had nothing to do with food.

So this week’s J-ciniTV episode, I want to share this unique strategy with you on how to make your sugar cravings magically disappear.

And I want to put emphasis on UNIQUE.

This is one of those episodes that’ll have you giggling as you learn and I won’t be surprised if you watch it more than once, it’s that good.

Click here to Laugh Yourself Skinny®:

I hope you remember that if you feel like you have a secret little addiction to food, that finding freedom from it won’t come in a meal plan or a personal trainer. Sure, those things help, but true freedom from food means taking back your energy and brain space that all your food worries currently occupy. So you can literally BE FREE.

And that’s exactly what we would do together in Laugh Yourself Skinny®.

I hope you found this episode helpful and if you’d like to explore more about how you can find peace with food, my door is always open.

All my love and support,


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