Could fear be keeping you fat

Could Fear Be Keeping You Fat?


When I was eating healthy and doubling up on workouts to only see the number on the scale go UP, I knew there had to be more to slimming down.

Turns out, I was right.

The latest research shows that our metabolism and our natural healthy weight is influenced by a ton of factors. And it has very little to do with food!

Scientists such as Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and Candace Pert, Ph.D. show us that the actual physiological changes that occur in our cells and bodies are a result of our thoughts and emotions!

My personal experience and this research is a major reason why Laugh Yourself Skinny® tackles the mental and the emotional sides of weight loss.

Because focusing on food is never enough.

Which is why this week’s J-ciniTV episode has nothing to do with the food you put in your mouth and everything to do with the thoughts that you think and the feelings that you feel.

Because it’s thoughts and feelings that are keeping you fat.

This week we focus on one of the heaviest and most common thoughts and feelings that we ALL experience, including myself, on a daily basis that can have you gain weight in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how we’ll sort it all out together:

Thank you for letting me share this with you. I know this isn’t a common conversation in the weight loss world where everyone else is talking about better ways to eat and sweat.

But this part of weight loss, the mental and emotional, was a game changer for me. And I just can’t keep it a secret anymore. So thank you for letting me share this with you because I know it’s different. But it’s also what works.

Love, health and laughter,


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