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I found a lump

This summer I was rubbing in my sunscreen before going to the beach with friends when I discovered a large lump on my left breast. Immediately my gut wrenched, my heart dropped, and I shattered into a million pieces.

So if there’s one thing I learned in 2016, it’s the power of miracles.

A miracle, as defined by A Course In Miracles, is a shift in perception. It’s a shift from fear to love.

In the past, I used to think that miracles were limited…that I had to wait for my number to be called to receive one. I used to think that even if I asked for a miracle, God/the Universe would pass over me… so I often told myself, “what’s the point in even asking?”

I’ve experienced miracles in the past in dire situations. But I certainly didn’t want to make it a practice to risk my life just to experience a miracle!

So after this critical health scare, I decided to research the possibility of miracles…experiment…and find out for myself: Can I really live a miraculous life? One where I experience miracles on a daily basis?

What I discovered as the answer to that question is: 100%, absolutely, YES.

And what happened BLEW MY MIND.

Food, my body, money, work, relationships…nothing was off limits for a miracle. Even the seemingly small things like a craving to eat when I wasn’t really physically hungry…have all been graced by miracles…complete shifts from fear to love. 

From this, I’ve learned a deeper sense of safety in this overwhelming world. I’ve learned a deeper sense of trust, first in myself and then in the Universe. And finally, I’ve learned a new sense of ease, that I don’t have to micromanage my entire world…

All I have to do is to be willing to see things differently. And pray for a miracle. 

So, whatever is causing you pain right now…like if you’ve overeaten so much during the holidays that you have no idea how you’re going to crawl out of this dark hole, I invite you to pray for a miracle.

Let’s practice this together. Use my personal miracle prayer here to get you started…

“Dear God, Goddess, and all my angels and guides*. Please take this [insert your problem, anxiety, fear, etc.] from me. Please help me to see this differently.”

*adapt to reflect whatever language speaks to you
For me, saying this once was never enough because something in my mind would always hook back into the fear.

But after such a drastic health scare, I really learned why it’s so important to say this prayer over and over like an inner mantra.

This is exactly what is at the core of my work in helping women Escape From Emotional EatingTM. In order to be completely free from feeling compulsive and out of control with food, you need to call on something bigger and greater than yourself.

Because this journey is not just about your body, it’s also about your spirit. 

Loving you always,

P.S., if you felt a shift by reading this, please share this link with a friend or family member who you know could really receive support from what you just read as well.

Thank you for helping to create this healing ripple effect.


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