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I missed you!

I missed you!  Since you weren’t able to join us at last weeks Escape :-(, I wanted to send you some juice and inspiration with a behind the scenes look of this powerful transformational retreat.  

My intention is that when you see these photos you know that you are not the only one who silently struggles with emotional eating, that getting support is available and taking your power back from food could actually be…well, FUN!  

When I was planning this years Escape, I wanted it to really model what a day in my life (where I’m free from emotional eating) is like.  

So I chose a location that I Escape to when I really need to getaway, Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ!  

This was the view from my room upon my arrival. There was a double rainbow in the sky. A great sign!  

Walks along the beach are my favorite way to move my body, clear my head and re-charge my batteries. We did a lot of this last week!  

Day 1 explaining how we’re going to get to the roots of emotional eating. We all thought it was hilarious that we were in a PINK room! 

Here I’m explaining that the way to overcome emotional eating is not at the surface in what you eat and how you exercise. Instead it’s all about the thoughts you think and the feelings that you feel and learning how to release them in a healthy way.  

Each day I walked everyone thru a meal experience step-by-step. Many said that our meals together taught them how to know when they are full AND trust it. Overeating will be very hard to do since this experience is in their bodies!    

Plus, we ended our days with a restorative movement class to help support transformation and re-connect with themselves…

And treatments at the Sea Spa!  

Everyone kept telling me how wonderful it was to have this community of women and how comforting it was to know they aren’t alone in their struggle with overeating. 

If this experience resonates with you, and you’d like to explore if the next LYS Escape is the right next step for you to end your emotional eating, then fill out this application right now

Once you submit your application, I’ll personally review it entirely and a member of my team will set up a time for us to connect where we can explore if the Escape or one of the other LYS Programs is the right next step for you.  

Right now my schedule is very full but I’ve been able to open 2 spots on my calendar for this so submit your application right now! 

I truly believe you, CAN overcome your emotional eating. But you have to approach it differently than you ever have before.  

Take my hand, submit your application! and let me show you step-by-step how you can take your power back from food and finally overcome your emotional eating. 

Loving you,  

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