I used to stress eat in the evening. Here’s what I did about it.


I used to stress eat so much in the evening.  When I would wake up the next morning, I’d skip breakfast. Partly because I was still in a food coma from the night before and partly because it was my valiant effort to save calories.  

But one of the most shocking things I found out, through my own emotional eating healing journey, was that skipping breakfast was exacerbating my overeating in the evening. 

I discovered that our bodies have a natural hunger rhythm. The same way your heart beats without you needed to micromanage it, your body has a natural intelligence signaling when you’re hungry. 

And when you’re full. 

Problem is stress, anxiety, email, the kids, the dog, instagram, old patterns, limiting beliefs, childhood trauma, etc.… when left unmanaged cuts the connection between you and your body. 

You don’t need portion control and other schemes to learn how to eat. You already know how the same way your heart knows how to beat. 

You simply have to learn how to manage all the things that block you from your body’s intelligence. Then, and most of all, learn how to trust it.

That’s why I created the Escape From Emotional Eating Energy Management Tools and teach them to each of my clients right from the very beginning of our healing journey together, so peace becomes your new normal

The other shocking thing I learned from healing my emotional eating? That you don’t have to spend the rest of your life in the emotional eating cycle.  

You can escape it. 

I did. 

And it’d be an honor to teach you how to Escape From Emotional Eating too. 

Take your first step to true freedom from food by filling out this application right here

 I’ll see you on the other side! 

To your one precious body & your one sacred life, 

PS. What you resist persists. That’s why emotional eating is a cycle. Only when you heal the deep roots of this toxic cycle with food are you fully free from food. Submit your application now and let’s set you free. ☺️

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