Start loving your body

I’m taking a stand for you

Do you find yourself cheating and eating food that you know you shouldn’t eat?

Like for example, ice cream.

You know ice cream gives you a bellyache.
You know it makes you feel bloated, lethargic and have stinky farts.
And you know that not only does it make you feel like crap it, sometimes, literally makes you crap. A lot.

But you can’t seem to say NO to the ice cream.

That’s because knowing isn’t enough.

It won’t motivate you to change your actions.

Because if knowing did create behavior change… well I can say with the amount of books you’ve read and the amount of information at your fingertips, you’d be the Dalai Lama by now!

That’s because the 2 ingredients that are absolutely necessary to create real long-lasting change are: expert support and accountability.

What you need is someone to lovingly call you out when you’re not acting in alignment with how you want to feel. And you need someone strong to pick you up and show you how to course correct when you fall off track.

Which is exactly what I do with my clients.

I stand for them even when they can’t stand for themselves.

And I want to invite you, to experience that as well in a complimentary Laugh Yourself Skinny Discovery Session.

This is a private one-on-one call where we’ll get clear on your next steps to end this torture with food. We’ll also get clear if LYS is the right support and accountability system for you.

These sessions are limited so you can apply here!

Remember, that knowing isn’t enough. You need someone, an expert, to support you in Laughing Yourself Skinny.

Apply for one of complimentary discovery sessions here!

So look forward to connecting with you during our private time together!

Loving you,

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