it’s here!


It’s here! The season of summertime sabotage and self-sacrifice. Where your schedule fills, the kids are home and busy-ness (albeit exciting summertime stuff) floods into every crack and crevice of breathing room you once had making you feel absolutely utterly overwhelmed. And exhausted

Overwhelm and exhaustion lead to overeating. 

I’ve been doing this work for so long and have seen this summertime sabotage pattern happen for so many, I made a video talking about WHY self-sacrifice happens so much in the summer and 3 steps you can take today (and everyday this summer) to avoid it

I highly recommend you watch this right now: 

More to come! 

With love,

PS. If you’re thinking “but summer is exciting! It’s my favorite season” I can totally relate. Summer is my favorite time of year too. But for us emotional eaters, it doesn’t matter whether it’s overwhelming positive feelings or overwhelming negative feelings, we’ll eat to soothe and “digest” ANY kind of overwhelm. Watch this now!

PPS. Summer is the PERFECT time to start your Escape From Emotional Eating. Click here and submit your application now so we can start healing the roots of your compulsions with food now!

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