Migraines and Emotional Eating

I used to suffer from debilitating migraines and food was always a way I would numb the pain. 

In 2005, I was hospitalized. It was the worst one ever. Got my first ever spinal tap (have you seen the size of those needles?!) and given narcotics for the pain. I was down for the count for over a week.

I tried to manage them with just about everything: medication, massages, injections in my head.

And sugar. Lots of sugar. 

What blows my mind (no pun intended) is that when I started my Escape From Emotional Eating journey my migraines completely disappeared. 

I didn’t know it at the time but, the tools I created to heal the roots of my emotional eating and now teach in all my programs, like the Fear Flush™️, Digesting Emotions®️ and the Trigger Re-Training Tool™️, were managing the stuck energy within my body (aka stress) which was causing my migraines. 

The tools gave the stuck energy an outlet. Therefore allowing the energy to be released in a healthy way.

No more migraines.
No more needles.
No more sugar.

Many of my clients, when we start our work together, suffer from migraines too only to have them quickly become less frequent to non-existent. 

It’s amazing what escaping from emotional eating will set you free from that goes way beyond food. 

If you use food to numb the pain of your stressful life, let’s connect. Click here to submit your application so you no longer have to use food to cope. 

There’s another way.

With love,

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