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Jcini-TV Diet Corner

When chatting with women who are interested in learning more about Laugh Yourself SkinnyTM, I’ve heard some pretty crazy techniques women take when it comes to slimming down. (No shame, we’ve all tried something off the wall…even me!)

The white rice diet, the cookie diet and the fasting diet are at the more extreme end. Weight watchers, counting calories and cross fit are some of the more “normalized” methods.

Either end of the spectrum, they’re all kinda crazy. Because each method, that is not customized to you – your body, your lifestyle – always leaves you back at square 1…STILL trying to lose weight.

So instead of beating yourself up that you fell victim to some of these methods that you knew were never sustainable (like I said, we’ve all been there)…let’s have some fun with it!

In the spirit of April fools, we’ve put together a very special episode of J-ciniTV that’ll give you a little giggle and some space from going down the rabbit hole of “oh my gosh, I can’t believe I actually did that!”

BTW, if you’ve been hanging out in my skinny little world for a while and you loved meeting “Juice Cleanse Julie“, “Smokin’ Sally” and “Point Counting Polly“…you’re gonna love this!

Start laughin’ yourself skinny this April Fools with this:


Thanks for tuning in & keep on laughing!

Love, health & laughter,



P.S. If you couldn’t join us on the Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape this year, which takes off next week, stalk me on Facebook and Instagram to what we’re up to!

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