How Spanx and shapewear are causing you to gain weight

Let me tell you about my first, and only, one night stand…with Spanx (aka compression shapewear).

At the time, I was desperately trying to drop 10 pounds, without much success and was heading to a summer wedding in a dress that was basically a neon sign that I had been eating too many cookies.

I purchased a pair of Spanx that compressed everything from my boobs to knees.

Even though my belly looked flat, at the wedding I was miserable…literally in tears from being strangled by my underwear. I could barely enjoy my dinner nor the dance floor, let alone take a deep breath.

When they were cutting the cake, I went to the bathroom…not to pee through the little hole in the crotch…but to trash these things.

Never EVER have I ever put myself through that torture again. It’s just not fun.

A lot of women, like I once did, use shapewear as a way to flatten their tummy, slim their thighs and smooth their back fat until their body gets there by itself.

But the truth is, the more you wear Spanx or other compression shapewear, the more bloated your belly, the more thundery your thighs and the more rolls on your back.

This week, I’m giving it to you straight that your “power panties” are actually causing you to pack on the pounds…in addition to a multitude of other health issues.

The truth is in this episode of J-ciniTV:

So instead of getting strangled by your panties, try Laughing Yourself Skinny.

Thanks for tuning in! See you next week!

Love, health & laughter,



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