Just letting you know

HI! Sending you love and just letting you know that I’ll be taking a break from our weekly love letters (aka newsletters) for the next few months.

While I’ve been diligently ensuring these are in your inbox on Tuesdays by 6 am for the past SIX years, it’s time for us to make a shift.

With the new creations I’m pouring my heart and soul into and preparations for the upcoming Escape, I need to create the space to give each of these the energy and space they’ve been calling for.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere!

I’m more dedicated than ever to helping you heal your emotional eating. And you’ll still be hearing from me time to time, especially when these new creations are ready for you!

So keep your eyes peeled and add me to your primary email peeps so you don’t miss out!

I’d still love to stay connected consistently with you so if you’re on Facebook you can find me by clicking here: or if you’re on Instagram you can find me here:

And as always, if you need ANYTHING, simply send me an email at I am here for you.

Big, beautiful changes to come and so excited to share them with you.

Until our next connection, sending you love!

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