Let me

This week, we had another death in the family. Instead of pushing through to write about what I had originally intended, it feels most authentic to let you know what’s going on for me behind the scenes and how I’m handling it. 

In the first few hours of receiving this heartbreaking news, a dear friend shared this poem by Tahlia Hunter with me just as the shock of it all started to wear off. It was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. 

It touched me so deeply that I wanted to share it with you too. Plus, step-by-step instructions of how I have been and will continue to be implementing it, in case you desire to do the same. 

Let Me
By Tahlia Hunger

In my disappointment
Let me comfort myself

In my fear
Let me reassure myself

In my anger
Let me calm myself

In my stress
Let me listen to myself

In my confusion
Let me organize myself

In my uncertainty
Let me find clarity

In my heartbreak
Let me find healing 

In my self-doubt
Let me find confidence

In my loneliness
Let me be at home with myself

In my stress
Let me soothe myself

In my struggle
Let me be still

In my weariness
Let me rest

In my pain
Let me heal and recuperate

In my sadness
Let me purge my emotions

In my failure
Let me recover

And in my regret
Let me release all burdens of the past

So that I may re-emerge
Stronger, more capable

And ready to take on life once more.

I hope these words are a soothing balm to your soul.

If you want to take this to the next level, here are my recommendations…

  1.  Do an energetic scan of the list of feelings above. Highlight the ones that you are currently feeling.

    For me, that’s sadness, stress, and anger.
  2. Re-read the “let me” line corresponding to each of the feelings you identified. 

    Continuing to use myself as an example: 

    Sadness -> Let me purge my emotions

    Stress -> Let me listen to myself + Let me soothe myself 

    Anger – > Let me calm myself 
  3. Follow these directions like a prescription and use a tool to help move these things into action.

    For me, a tool that I teach and personally use that hits all of these items is Pages. Through this process I’m able to listen to myself, purge my emotions, and ultimately soothe and calm myself. 

Listen, purge, soothe, calm.

I’ve been repeating this mantra as a reminder of how I can help myself through this difficult time. 

No need to suck it up or stuff it down. 

I can, I am, and I will listen, purge, soothe, and calm myself. 

I hope something in this personal example inspires you to (A) identify how you feel, (B) connect your feelings to a corresponding emotional need, and (C) show you how to move into action to support it. 

Most of all, I hope sharing all of this inspires you to take better care of yourself. Because you truly deserve the best. 

In service to your freedom, 

P.S. If someone you love comes to mind who you sense could benefit from this email, please forward it to them. ❤️‍🩹

P.P.S. After the funeral, I’ll be taking some time off for Summer Rest & Rejuvenation and to celebrate the 4th of July American Holiday. I’ll be back to my weekly Sunday Support Emails to you on Sunday, July 14th. So keep your eyes on your inbox then! Feel free to visit my blog here for resources while I’m away. Thank you for your patience during this time! 

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