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This episode is chock full of valuable insights that I know will benefit you. I think you’ll really love Camille’s energy too. I sure did! 

Be sure to pay careful attention to these key timestamps – I marked them down with you in mind! 

5:32 – a personal example of what comfort eating looked like for me 

16:30 – untangling physical hunger from emotional hunger so you can listen to your body

17:10 – key questions to noodle on 

21:00 – control, scarcity, family dynamics, and food

23:00 – how to liberate yourself from the “clean plate club” 

26:00 – how to start tuning into the language of your body (do this exercise with us!) 

Plus, learning how to say “enough is enough” so you can stop compulsively overeating, overworking, and overbuying

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In service to your freedom, 

P.S. If you want your relationship with food to change, you must move information into application. In other words, you need to implement. Knowing what you “should” do isn’t enough. It won’t motivate to change. And it certainly won’t break through the compulsive cycle that underlies emotional eating. 

If you listen to a lot of podcasts, but struggle with implementation, getting support and accountability is your next step. Without it, you’ll just keep collecting information without implementation and things won’t change. 

Take the first step to truly change your relationship with food by clicking here – Don’t wait. Let’s discover if working together would be a fantastic fit! 

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