Loving Reminder: Private Programs!

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

If you are someone who…

– Strives for excellence but is trapped in an unhealthy cycle of overeatingover-drinking, or overworking

– Struggles with owning and honoring your intuition and inner guidance (especially when it comes to yourself and your health)

– Secretly feels beaten down… feeling like no matter what you do, it isn’t good enough 

Then this is for YOU! 

Last week I shared the special announcement that I’ve added private programs back into the various levels of support I offer at Escape From Emotional Eating. Woop Woop! 🎉

And I’m giving you FIRST DIBS because you are very important to me, and spots are SUPER LIMITED.

Click here and get your application in now!

I’ve already received a bunch of applications, and my calendar is filling up with appointments to explore if working together would be a fantastic fit. So, Loving Reminder: Don’t miss this opportunity! APPLY NOW.

I know in my heart this world needs you – it needs all of you – especially the part that emotional eating steals that’s why I wanted to remind you to get your application in!

And if we’ve worked together in the past and you’ve felt the tug to reach out and explore working together again, then click here and apply now.

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If you’re thinking, “Oh, I want to do this, but it’s summer. I’ll do this later” …well, HOLD ON. 

Wait a second! Pay attention to the genius of your inner guidance. Right here. Right now. In this moment. Go beyond the “yeah, buts” of your mind. Instead, give that gentle stirring of your soul, your inner guidance, a moment in the sun by clicking here and applying now.  And let’s see what blooms! ✨🌻☀️

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